Experimental Research on Properties of Foamed Concrete

Experimental Research on Properties of Foamed Concrete
The tower type dry mortar production line, in accordance with the procedure from top to bottom arranged to produce, low energy consumption, small footprint, batching process almost no cross mixing; base load, module development is finished, the bulk of mortar bag or ton bag and other forms, applicable to ordinary mortar production line and large special mortar production line.
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Fiber-reinforced lightweight foamed concrete panels suitable for

This contribution presents a set of experimental results on fiber-reinforced innovative lightweight panels (FRIL-panels) having thickness of 12mm. These panels are prepared with a peculiar foamed concrete that has a high viscosity and cohesion in the fresh state ...


properties of fly ash foamed concrete are high drying shrinkage between -666 to - 1022 micro strain, high water absorption for density less than 1300 kg/m 3 , higher workability (115 -180 mm diameter) and high carbonation depth that make it a good

Experimental Production of Sustainable Lightweight Foamed

prefoamed method was adopted for the production of the foamed concrete. With a target density of 1600kg/m3, the compressive strength result of 10.5MPa reveals that a high strength sustainable foamed concrete structural panel could only be produced with 10% replacement of cement. Research Article

Fiber-reinforced lightweight foamed concrete panels suitable

Falliano D, Gugliandolo E, De Domenico D and Ricciardi G 2018 First RILEM Int. Conf. on Concrete and Digital Fabrication – Digital Concrete 2018 (Springer) Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Strength and Thermal Conductivity of Extrudable Foamed Concrete and Preliminary Views on Its Potential Application in 3D Printed Multilayer ...

(PDF) Experimental study on the mechanical properties of

PDF | With the quest for green construction and affordable housing system for both the rural and urban population in Malaysia, various proposals... | Find, read and cite all the research you need ...

Investigations of the Influence of Polystyrene Foamed Granules on the Properties of Lightweight Concrete

Z. Kuhai, Polystyrene-lightweight Concrete, Annajah University Journal, Nablus, Palestine, under publication. WU Zhen, CHEN Bing, LIU Ning “Fabrication and Compressive Properties of Expanded Polystyrene Foamed Concrete: Experimental Research and

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Properties of Aerated (Foamed) Concrete Blocks

Properties of Aerated (Foamed) Concrete Blocks *Prakash T M ** Naresh kumar B G *** Karisiddappa ****Raghunath S. Abstract: Aerated concrete block is a type of masonry unit manufactured by precast technique. Aerated concrete is produced by the mixing of Portland cement, sand, water and air voids are entrapped in the mortar of mix by means of ...

PAPER OPEN ACCESS Lightweight foamed concrete with foam

foamed concrete with these industrial solid wastes has been carried out. In this paper, lightweight foamed concrete was prepared with FGD, FA, OPC and foaming agent and the effects of foaming stabilizer and PPF addition on its mechanical properties of2.1

Experimental Research on the Mechanical Properties of Tailing

Tailing microcrystalline foam glass (TMFG) is a building material that not only has the characteristics of light weight, fire resistance, and thermal insulation, but also has decorative applications. TMFG has a broad application prospect, but there has been little research on the macroscale mechanical properties of this material. In order to analyze TMFG basic mechanical properties, a series ...

An Experimental Study on the Durability Properties of Foam Concrete

International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology (www.ijsrst.com) 529 I. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Foam Concret: Foamed concrete is cement-based slurry into which stable and homogeneous foam is mechanically blended, either by

Experimental Study on the Rheological Properties of Fresh Foamed Cement Paste and Mortar

Recently in Japan, foamed cement paste and foamed mortar have frequently been used as embankment material on soft ground because of their low unit weight, flowa Membership In today’s market, it is imperative to be knowledgeable and have an edge over the ...

Thermal and mechanical properties of lightweight foamed

Mar 03, 2012 · This paper reports the main findings from a comprehensive study undertaken to evaluate the thermal and mechanical properties of lightweight foamed concrete (LFC) exposed to high temperatures. Experimental and analytical studies were carried out to develop quantification models to obtain thermal and mechanical properties of LFC at ambient and ...


Cellular Lightweight Foamed Concrete 20 2.7 Gap Analysis 21 CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.0 General 22 3.01 Characteristics of foamed concrete properties 22 3.02 Design and experiment of the foamed 22 concrete foundation 3.1 23 25 3.2.1 ...

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Mechanical properties of lightweight foamed concrete using

A study was conducted on the effect of polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer on the mechanical properties of lightweight foamed concrete. This research focuses on the compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and flexural strength of lightweight foamed concrete using 0.5% and 1.0% polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer with targeted density of 1500 kg/m 3.

An Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Steel

the brittle properties of concrete. The mechanical properties of foamed concrete also differ according to a different type of mixture and its composition. Therefore, this research also investigates the physical and mechanical properties of partially/fully sand replaced foamed concrete with fly ash. Fly ash was used as fine aggregate.

Application of Taguchi’s approach in the optimization of mix

In this research [12, 13], the investigation carried out is to better understand the effect of the MIRHA, water binder ratio, and sand cement ratio on the foamed concrete. The experimental work (using the Taguchi method) is designed to give the optimum working conditions of the parameters that affect the physical properties of concrete mixtures.

Fly Ash-based Geopolymer Lightweight Concrete Using Foaming Agent

Jun 12, 2012 · Such foamed concrete has high flow ability, low weight, and minimal consumption of aggregates, controlled low strength, and excellent thermal-insulation properties . Foamed concrete can be produced either by the pre-foaming method or the mixed-foaming method [1,6]. In the pre-foaming method, a suitable foaming agent is mixed with water, and the ...

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Properties and applications of foamed concrete; a review

3. Typical properties of foamed concrete. In this paper, the properties of foamed concrete are classified into fresh, mechanical, physical, durability, and functional properties. Each property has its own specific characteristics influenced by the manufacturing process and performance quality.

Experimental Study on Properties of No-fine Concrete

Md. Abid Alam , Shagufta Naz : Experimental Study on Properties of No-fine Concrete a homogeneous mixture was obtained. Compaction was achieved by hand using the standard tamping rod ensuring the filling of the mould in layers with appropriate blows and also ensuring the same method followed for all the mixes.

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recycled and used in production of lightweight foamed concrete (LFC). Thus, the aim of this research is to study the effects of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) on engineering properties of LFC with 1300kg/m 3 of density in terms of compressive strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength, durability, Poisson’s ratio,

Mechanical properties of foamed concrete exposed to high

T1 - Mechanical properties of foamed concrete exposed to high temperatures. AU - Mydin, Md Azree Othuman. AU - Wang, Y. C. PY - 2012/1. Y1 - 2012/1. N2 - This paper reports the results of an experimental and analytical study to investigate the mechanical properties of unstressed foamed concrete exposed to high temperatures.

Experimental Research of Foam Concrete with Different Fly Ash

Based on the analysis of structure formation mechanism of foam concrete prepared with chemical method, investigations by a large number of comparative tests and quantitative analysis, quantitative relationship of compressive strength and fly ash dosage on 3d, 7d and 28d foam concrete specimens are analyzed.

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